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A portable stand desk, Levit8 solves costs & back pain!

June 13th, 2019


Hallo, it's Arisa, a Full-Stack & Frontend Developer living in Germany.

Have you thought about getting a stand desk to prevent your back pain from long hours desk work?

Well, I have and it used to be a huge concern to think about but couldn't find the best one while my back pain was getting be more painful.

But I found the best one EVER. ✨

The best stand desk ever I found is "Levit8" by Allocacoc.

By the end of this article, I'm sure majority of you already thinking to get one for yourself.

Let's take a look at what are the features and how you can get it!

What's so different?

Let me show you what I was thinking to get a stand desk before I found Levit8.

SDADI 2 Inches Carpet Wheel Mobile Stand Up Desk Height Adjustable Home Office Desk With Standing and Seating 2 Modes 3.0 Edition, Dark Grain


When you take a look at in Amazon, you only find this SUPER GIANT stand desk occupies your room or office.

If you work in an office and your company is flexible to give you enough space, maybe, you can get one of those like above.

But even if you work in an office, I don't think many people can get their extra spaces like that.

Also, for a freelancer working in their home like me, I don't want to occupy my flat with a giant stand desk like that.

There is already a couch, TV, fridge, display shelves, dining table, bed, book shelves, etc...

I live with my boyfriend and here is not just my own space.

If I get this huge stand desk, it means I take a big space just for myself and he doesn't even need a stand desk.

Even before I buy this ordinary stand desk, I can see this desk brings us into a big trouble with just solving my back pain.

Also, still costs nearly 300 EUR for just solving my back pain and occupying a common space for both of us.

Costs a lot and occupying a space doesn't sound like a thing I wanted to invest my money for a solution.

I kept Googling then finally met Levit8...!

Look at this stylish form!


On top of it, you put your laptop and work anything on your laptop.

Levit8 is foldable stand desk and only costs from 24 EUR up to 35 EUR (exclude shipping fee from Allocacoc) depends on your choice.

That's a huge cost difference and it's even foldable ... !

If people can get a foldable stand desk with 10 times cheaper price than non foldable ordinary stand desk, no one says no to this offer.

Levit8 is way more reasonable and foldable, that's the biggest difference compared with the other stand desks.

How does this twisted shape is formed?

That's what you need to make in order to use it.

But when you don't use it, it's folded flat like this.


From this flat form, you build this stylish twisted shape like in this gif.


You tilt a bit and press the middle line in front.

I struggled a bit in the begining but the tips to fold is, you press the top part and the bottom part with thumbs separated from the middle line.

Then the top will be a square shape.

If this gif is not detailed enough, there are a lot of the Youtube tutorials how to make Levit8 into a stand desk form.

Which size to choose?

That's something you need to consider well before you hit the purchase button.

In Allocacoc, they recommend M size if you're not sure which size to buy.

I tell you one thing.

M size is too short to use when you stand.

I know it depends on your height but belive me, I'm 166cm height which is an average in overal in general for women in the world wide, and M was too small.

I measured before I purchased from what they showed in Allocacoc site, and I got L size.

I recommend L size if you're not sure which size to buy.

If you're bigger than 166cm, get XL size.

If you're smaller than 166cm, get M size.

What are the other features?

Levit8 is reasonable and foldable.

That's already pretty much a lot of good features for a stand desk.

But Levit8 has more nice features too.

Levit8 is lighter than MacBook Air, water-repellent material, stain-resistant material, strong enough to hold 20 times its own weight and good to use as a display holder in your room.


What kind of multi functional stand desk is that! 😳

I use my 2012 model heavy MacBook Pro on Levit8 and it's super stable.

Water-repellement material is true, and even if you spill coffee on your precious Levit8, just wipe it off.

Levit8 can hold 5 laptops on top of it with this stylish slym form.

And it looks cool, why not to use for display holder?

Where can I get Levit8?

You can order in Allocacoc website if you live in Europe.

If you live in outside of Europe, Amazon also has some of the stock.

Price could be a slightly different but it's always good to have some choices to see which way is useful for your case.

allocacoc レビットエイトL ホワイト LEVIT8 L DH0002L/LEVIT8


I only have a Japanese Amazon associate account and the Amazon link is from

But you can find mostly in your regional Amazon store too.

I ordered from Allocacoc because the L size was out of stock in

It was really fast delivery although they shipped from Netherland to Germany.

I guess it was less than a week or so.

Allocacoc doesn't have an associate program or giving you a nice discount with a link to share with friends.

So, I don't get a benefit at all but honestly, I already owe a lot from Levit8.

I just want people to know this super inteligent item for your stylish work environment.

But if you subscribe them, you'll get 10% off from your first purchase.

If levit8 is your first purchase from Allocacoc, go get one from them. ✨

Allocacoc has other inteligent items too

When you take a look at Allocacoc website, you realize they have bunch of great idea based items for office and home or even for outside to take with you.

You might find something similar nice items like Levit8 in there.


I guess you know now something better stand desk if you were looking for.

Honestly, I never regreted that I bought Levit8.

My back pain is gone, and my work environment is stylish too :)

Hope you liked Levit8 too.

Tschüs 💻