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Getting images from Contentful with Gatsby

July 3rd, 2019



It's Arisa, a Full-Stack & Frontend Developer living in Germany.

I released this website about a month ago. (Powered by Contentful, Gatsby and Netlify.)

You will find in my first Japanese blog article says I faced a problem.

"Couldn't get thumbnail images and excerpt from Contentful with GraphQl in Gatsby."

Coinsidentally, or really luckily, I got a comment on my tweet from one evangelist working in Contentful. 😳

He said a really helpful clue.

"Isn't it a Content Model structure problem?"

And I realized the problem was just because I was putting everything in one field💡

I was totally believing in a way I knew from the simple Gatsby web app with Markdown.

Without CMS or like content infrastructure, Gatsby's web app has the data queries.

I believed there must be already prepared data queries in a gatsby-source-contentful plugin🤦‍♀️

Once I realized that better to separete fields for each contents, everything was so easy.

Let's break it down for those of you lookig for the way to get images or excerpts or any other fields from Contentful with Gatsby.

Create a field for images in your Content Model

It works with any kind of web apps with Contentful with Gatsby.

As an example, I'll talk about a blog.

Normally, blog has 2 different page structures.

One is with all articles listed up with a loop and the other page is a single article page.

Both of them will look attractive if they have nice top images to tell stories about the topics in each article.

Let's set up an image field first in your Content Model.

Login to your Contentful dashboard, then go to `Content Model` from the header menu.

At this point, I expect you already have a Content Model created.

If not, just create by the buttun in the top right corner says `add content type.`

Select your Content Model, and click `Add a field` in the right side.

We want to have a top image for each article then we choose a `Media` as a new field.


You can name this top image field as you like.

The name you saved in this field will be the name of the data query you'll be seeing in a GraphQl later.

Upload images in articles

Now, you have your new top image field for every articles.

Let's check it out the field is added.

Go to `Content` from the header menu, and select the article if you already have one.

If you don't, just create one from there.

I bet you see your new top image field in the article editing page.


Mine has `required` alert but it's because I set this field as a required field to publish articles.

(There is a reason you must know but I'll explain later.)

Upload an image from `Create new asset and link.`

If you want to use the image you already uploaded before, choose `Link existing asset.`

Publish the article but you can't see the image from your article from the browser yet.

You need to get the data query with GraphQl.

Get an image field data with GraphQl

Run your blog web app in the terminal.

It shows you the local host and the GraphQl playground.

(* You need to link your Gatsby web app with Contentful before. To do so, check out gatsby-source-contentful docs in below.)

Open your GraphQl playground and take a look at the query from `allContentful{your_content_model_name}.`

In mycase, I have `BlogPost` as my Content Model name.

And my image field name is `topImage.`

Open `Docs` in your GraphQl playground.

Follow the queries from `allContentful{your_content_model_name}` > `edges` > `node` > `{your_image_field_name}.`


There you go!

We succeed to find the top image field we just created in a Contentful dashboard.

But you can't get your uploaded image yet.

GraphQl yells at you {your_image_field_name} still has queries to specify.

Wht do we need to get more?

There are a few choices you can make depends on your preference but I'll go for `resize` this time as I personally think the most useful option for images.

The reason behind in here is because, you can get the benefit from Images API from Contentful.

It's amazing and you can output your images without facing an issue with gatsby-image!

Means, you can write with simple JSX.

(I love Gatsby but the image is the thing I always need a bit time to figure out...)

When you use `resize` query from Images API in Contentful, you'll get desired width and height, also, you can change the resizing behavior too! ✨

Imagine that you have an image not fitting in the area and both sides are just blank and only the height is fitting or opposite case.

I feel I want to crop and make it looks fit somehow but I don't want to do that image cropping everytime by myself.

Then just set `resize` with arguments `width` and `height`!

You'll find allowed arguments from GraphQl playground Docs.

When you set the width and height arguments with `resize`, Images API will assign automatically `fit property` as well ✨

I love this fit property from Contentful Images API :)

It will fit automatically in a center of the image and crop the unecessary parts of the images ✂️

How I can check tat out before even seeing in the browser?

I see that already from the GraphQl playground like this.


See closer the place I marked.

And check the docs from Contentful Images API.


You see fit property has fill as a value and w stands for the width you set from the argument width.

Height is also the same.

Just getting the data query resize and set the width and heght arguments, Contentful Images API shapes your images in perfect size ✨

Now, you learned why I chose resize in here.

Then choose `src` to get the images path so that your Gatsby app can output with JSX.

You can write your query into your blog page something like this.


After you save, check out in the browser.


Woohoo! 🎉

You got the image from Content Model field!

Trouble shooting: TypeError: Cannot read property ‘x’ of null

Perhaps, if you already had a few articles ready in your Contentful, you might faced this issue.

You made sure your image is uploaded and you got the right queries in GraphQl playground but keep getting "TypeError: Cannot read property ‘x’ of null."

You might think it's not a query issue and API.

That's right, this error message says, "Your parent property is still null."

Which means, before map method is null.

The most simple answer is, you haven't yet uploaded all images in your existing articles 💡

That's why I wrote earlier, there is a reason why I made top image field as required field to publish articles.

If you make this field empty, you'll get the error says "TypeError: Cannot read property ‘x’ of null."

Just keep in your mind if you get this error 📝


Hope you know now how Contentful Images API is making your life so much easier!

If you want to see visually how it works in 20 minutes or so, there is an official tutorial from Contentful as well.

You'll get a better image of how resize and fir property works beautifully 😌 (It's not Gatsby but still you get what we can do the same thing in Gatsby)

Also, not only the images.

You can create fields in any other contents like excerpt to show the beginning or summary of the articles, tags to category your articles etc.

Happy coding 💻!